The Secret way to promote a blog: Let others do it for you!


After customizing your blog, searching for great ideas of content and writing some articles, you are now faced with the real problem: finding readers.

You tried social media advertising but it only gave you shots of traffic, not readers who will come back to your blog and read it with attention. It even seems like the traffic you get from sponsored posts is fake (or boy, do they bounce out quickly!).

There is another, simpler, more powerful way.


How do most people find content?

Think about it : very often, we read blog articles and check out content because our friends shared it on their social media feed. What if we could get people we don’t know to share our articles to their friends?

You probably know the new trend of Influencer marketing: the practice of paying somebody to share your content. Up until now, it was only reserved to big brands and companies with deep pockets.

But there are some places on the internet where you can get somebody with over 500 friends on Facebook to share your article for a few dollars!


Quality before Quantity.

When you boost a post on Facebook, thousands of people are gonna see it on their feed. SCORE!

But do you want :

  • People who see your post?
  • People who click on your post?
  • Or people who click on them and actually read your post?

That’s why influencers are the best choice: they will “only” share your post to a few hundreds of people, but those people know the poster, they know them as a friend, and are therefore more likely to click on the post, and even read it after.


It’s simple as a click!

Our platform, Frenstreet, has spent months to gather promoters ready to post your content on social media.

The promotion gigs start at $1, and you can get promoted on any social media of your choice:



Location, themes, audience…

If you have a blog about marketing, why don’t you ask Josh to promote you to the marketing students of Columbia University?

It works for any domain! We are permanently looking for new promoters from all over the world.


Are you ready to promote your blog for a few bucks?

Do you have enough of trying to reach your audience through a weird interface?

Are you suspicious about the kind of traffic you get from sponsored posts?

You have found the right place.


All you need is an email address.


Stop promoting your own blog…

Get others to do it for you.

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