Revisiting the Jennifer Aniston Emirates Commercial


Just like me, you probably stumbled upon this Jennifer Aniston commercial last November when you went to the theater, promoting the most prestigious commercial airline in the world, Emirates.

Just like me, you must have thought that the commercial was offensive. Making fun of average planes and people is not that enticing. But you must have missed the whole point…

Good advertising is always targeted!

Making fun of poor people, and creating a big contrast between most airlines and Emirates, was in fact a great strategy to promote this kind of lifestyle.

Rich people and fancy executives now know that if they want to flatter a client or a guest, flying them with Emirates will do the rick marvelously. And in the end, nothing else matters.

Offending the average person who paid 1/100th of their salary to see a terrible movie (and I am a James Bond fan!) is not a collateral damage as it is the perfect occasion to start a little viral marketing process.

So, remember it when you create your campaigns : you might create controversy, but what matters is what your target audience will thinks and feels. The rest is bogus.

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