This Woman Spends Her Own Money To Counter Trump. What Are YOU Doing?


Bashing Donald Trump is now officially a business! Are you in?

On Frenstreet, where people get paid by marketers to post their content, a woman named Marjorie distinguishes herself in the #TrumpDollar phenomenon : she spent dozens of her own dollars to pay people to broadcast anti-Trump content.

marjorie also made a video :

Now, let’s quote the article originally posted on :

Not one minute happens without the posting of some status, tweet or article trying its best to counter the slow yet real progress of Donald Trump towards the Presidency of the United States. Some militants have found a new angle to make this phenomena even bigger :  PAYING PEOPLE TO BASH DONALD TRUMP ON SOCIAL MEDIA…

Making money by bashing Trump : pretty seductive!

Desperetly trying to keep Trump from getting more and more popularity, the internet has found a new niche on the social media promotion broker Frenstreet : paying people to help them destroy Trump on social media!

Per day, per hour, per month, everything exists. This brand new way to practice politics and spread opinions has inspired many people, mostly students, to create a new hashtag, #trumpdollar, meaning that for one symbolic dollar they will bash Trump for you :


Sellers of #trumpdollar gigs on Frenstreet fight against each other with unprecedented creativity and humor to get the #trumpdollars of potential buyers.

What’s not to like? You enter your email, a username and a password. The very same day, you might be able to create more noise against Trump OR to make money for it…

“It’s the perfect symbiosis : people hate Trump to the point where they’re ready to spend money to destroy him. And it so happens that I like money. ^^ “ says a seller on one of his gigs :


Marjorie, more than devoted against Donald Trump

As you can see on the last picture, Marjorie, single mother of two teens, bought the same #trumpdollar gig to the same seller two days in a row. But this is far from being the only gig she buys. We created an account on Frenstreet to talk to those users (and also to make some #trumpdollars of our own!), and this is what marjorie told us :

“I don’t care what it is with him. He should not be president, not even a politician. I love my country and I’ll do anything to protect it from that Donald Trump, including paying people every single day so that they bash him on social media until their friends and followers do so. I won’t stop. Ever.”

Not bad for a one woman alone. What could thousands of people accomplish together if they all did that? At least make lot of noise! So back to our initial question : Marjorie are paying tens of dollars a day to counter Trump. And you, what are you doing?

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