AdBlock VS Facebook : A Major Shift is coming


Do you feel that? Do you feel that wave of anti-spam hitting the world of online advertising these days? Well I feel it too. And I’m telling you : a major shift is coming in the world of marketing. The question is: will you adapt in time?

In an epic article on their blog, the company AdBlockPlus declared being in a ‘ping pong game with Facebook’.

Last week, we indeed saw this ping pong game being reported in the media. Here are the main points to remember from that battle:

  1. Facebook found a way to not have their ads blocked by AdBlock.
  2. 2 days later, AdBlockPlus declared that they already found a way to bypass Facebook’s new ad system.
  3. Facebook and AdBlockPlus have been playing coding competition since then…

But here is what the Adblock also said:


They are in for the LONG GAME.

The implication, to me, are simple: Advertising is about to change online. The Open Source communities of kickass programmers spread all around the world are gonna win this war.

So I made a video to tell you that, as the second episode of the Friction show :


Online Marketing is at crossroads:

  • marketers are not satisfied by paid ads and sponsored posts (see one of the next posts for details of the studies that prove it)
  • AdBlockPlus will not give up the war against spammy advertisements
  • PPC systems are dictatorships that need to be destroyed. People, and probably you too, are starting to seriously have enough of Adwords and other systems.

ORGANIC content will win this epic battle hands down.

This is why we created Frenstreet.

This is why we’re gonna change the paradigm.

So are you going to make the right choice and sign up?

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