How often do you question the Pay-Per-Click Dictatorship?

Fake Clicks Fake Users

We, Frenstreet, are not the only ones to say that there is a problem with the advertising market, offline and especially online.

The number of sources displaying that kind of point of view is big, but it’s not as visible as all the satellite blogs of those big guys, flooding the internet with pro-PPC, pro-Adwords, pro-Sponsored posts content.


If Forbes does it, there must be something wrong with Adwords… Check it out!


This poor guy went on Facebook’s help page for “advertisers” and asked why most of the clicks

on his ads are bot clicks. Another guy who doesn’t understand what BIG MONEY and public companies are…


This time on Quora… Again, the answers are vague and blend. They don’t know, because they can’t

do shit against it!


Now Bloomberg!!!! Come on guys… Stop using PPC bullsh*t!


And now AdEspresso, well respected in the SMM blog area, says it.

What more do you want?

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