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What is Advertising to you? If you think of it as an edge in marketing and communication, a must for businesses whatever the size, you are right. But if you said “something utterly expensive and inaccessible for most”, you’re also right…

Up until the 1990s, the right to broadcast content was granted by a handful of Gatekeepers such as TV channels, newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Whether you were paying for them to talk about you or not, Gatekeepers were the ultimate power deciding if you and what you had to say were good enough for their audience.

Then, the internet came along. And with it, many new possibilities and hopes for businesses and budgets of all sizes and ambitions. As I’ll mention in future articles, the internet did bring down the Gatekeeper… for a while. Then, the law of the highest bidder took back what was left of fairness in the (digital) advertising world.

But in 2016, the whole Advertising Game is going to change. Once and for all.

Advertising should be a process where reaching a particular audience is quick and easy, no matter which channel you choose to explore. And that’s what’s Frenstreet is all about : reaching you audience in record time, spending, and efficiency.

Frenstreet is the platform that puts together supply and demand of Advertising and Broadcasting Services.

  • As a seller of services, just create a Fren that sums up the service you are able to perform for your client.
  • As a buyer, browse Frens depending on your target market, area, channel and budget. Click and Order. That’s it.

Now, are you ready to enter the age of advertising on demand, broadcasting services available in minutes and outrageous new possibilities for your business?

If you said Yes, click right Here!

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